Moving Along

Latest news from the site for our new building:

Current Events:
Septic Permit has been approved
Bexar County has not issued the requested letter for the Plat Review for SAWS
SAWS waiting on Plat Review Letter to issue Water Main Extension for bidding
Construction Contracts have been signed
Contractor’s Payment Bond has been filed with Bexar County Clerk
Sitework Permit Application has been submitted (7-10 day review)

Future Events:
Building Permit Application submitted on 4/16/18 (20-25 day review)
Attempting to obtain Bexar County Plat Review Letter
Bidding of the Water Main Extension through SAWS
Issuing Notice to Proceed for Sitework

Sitework Scope of Work:
Clearing trees to be removed at driveway entrance
Rough Grading of driveway, parking, building pad area
Installation of base fill material for driveway, parking lot, and building pad area


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