Update as of January 23

This update from the architect, Tab Baker of iM Studios:

  • The Septic System Design and Permit Application were received 1/11/18 and signed by Grace Church representative on 1/12.
  • Signed documents have been delivered to Septic Engineer and submitted to Bexar County Environmental Services for review.
  • Affidavit will be filed with Bexar County and filing proof will be submitted to Bexar County.  I checked to see if I could get review status and the County is backed-up due to a large number of septic permit applications received since Jan 2, 2018… probably +/- one more week.
  • Bexar County Environmental Services will give SAWS to Approved to Construct notice right after septic permit has been approved… probably +/- one week from now.
  • SAWS will give City of San Antonio (CoSA) approval for water main extension and we can submit for Building Permit Review. … probably +/- two weeks from now.
  • Suggestion would be to submit for two Building Permits; 1) Commercial Grading Permit (only needs two departments to review and approve – typically 7-10 days for approval), and 2) Commercial Building Permit (typically needs 30 days for approval).  Plan would be to receive Commercial Grading Permit which would allow CGC to mobilize and begin tree clearing and site grading of the driveway and parking and building pad…. this will take +/-3 weeks.  Then we should be receiving the Commercial Building Permit and CGC would move into the construction of the building and remainder of the sitework.
  • Now that we are moving toward construction, I will print the final version of the Construction Contract and get CGC’s signatures and I’ll deliver it  for the Church rep’s signature.
  • Once CGC has the Construction Contract, they can get their Bonds and Insurance and we’ll get copies to the Church and/or Diocese.
  • With any luck, we will start site clearing and grading in 5-6 weeks and full construction in 8-9 weeks.



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