Update for All-Grace meeting, January 7






January 6 from the architect:

Project Building Permit Approval for construction has been delayed due to the off-site water main extension not being “officially” approved by SAWS.  Water Main Extension approval delayed due to Septic System not being approved by Bexar County.  Septic System Engineering has not been completed due to delays from Septic Engineer.  Paul Swoyer Septics (contracted separately by the Church) has out-sourced the Septic Engineering required for the Septic Permit Approval.

Septic Engineer is behind schedule, but has committed to completing the Septic Design ASAP.  Architect (Tab Baker) is scheduled to meet Septic Engineer at the project site this coming week for review of the final location of the septic tank and septic drain field.  Septic Design will then be completed and the application to Bexar County will need to be signed by Bill Cruse.  +/- 2 weeks to be submitted to Bexar County.

Bexar County will review for permitting approval and provide a letter of compliance as required by SAWS.

Once SAWS receives the letter of compliance, they will release the SAWS Water Main Extension project for bidding and installation.

Once SAWS gives approval of the water main extension, the City of San Antonio will “officially” intake the signed and sealed Overall Drawings for Building Permit review and approval.


There are some options  the Building Team needs to consider at this point that have to do with further permitting.  Rather than applying for different permits one after the other, the permits could be separated and applied for simultaneously.

Permitting for each may take 4-5 weeks, with an option to speed the process at additional cost.

The Building Team will consider the options and move forward ASAP.




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