Updates on the Building Plan


We have now demolished the barn and small house that were originally on the property and are accepting construction bids. Long-term, this facility would be our youth building, so while it would have some temporary uses initially, it would eventually be entirely for our youth.

It is to be a multi-purpose building that we will use for fellowship, youth group, children’s ministry, Story groups, and meeting space. The size of the building will be 3600 sq ft: 1200 ft of covered outdoor fellowship space, and 2,400 sq ft of indoor air-conditioned space with bathrooms and a small kitchen.

We  hope to have it completed by Easter 2018. The plans have been drawn, water and sewage plans have been approved by San Antonio Water System, and ground core samples have been taken to determine the type of foundation needed.

The fellowship building with driveway, parking, and all the other necessities is a $700,000 project. But this is doable. With the money we have on hand now, plus additional incoming pledges and a short-term construction loan, this project can be funded. We are working with Tab Baker of iM Studios as our architect.

We have completed
Barn demolition
Water line plans with SAWS
Fire hydrant plan
Parking plan
Geological survey
Tree survey
Construction plan
Seeking contractor bids

We are currently planning
Ground-breaking ceremony end of  September
Construction beginning end of  September
Building dedication Easter 2018


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